Car Accident Settlement in Colorado: What You Need to Know

Colorado is, indeed, a beautiful state, and a wonderful place to live and visit for folks who love engaging with the great outdoors. Whether you’re road tripping to the mountains for a ski trip or hiking through the plains, or even visiting some of Colorado’s bustling cities, there are many options for an exciting trip. However, the elements that make Colorado a great place to visit can also make it a dangerous place to drive: mountain roads, icy canyons, and plenty of traffic all increase the likelihood of a car accident. Though the chance of getting into a car accident in Colorado is high, it won’t keep you from visiting and enjoying your trip if you familiarize yourself with Colorado’s car accident settlement process and what is involved before or during your process of seeking a lawyer.


Firstly, it is always necessary to report the car accident when there are injuries or property damages incurred. Drivers are also required to offer assistance in getting the other driver to a hospital if the other driver is injured. Drivers must exchange information and that everyone who doesn’t need medical attention stays at the scene of the accident until the authorities arrive to take care of matters.


Secondly, when it comes to car insurance, as of 2003, under the “tort system,” fault of a driver must be shown before insurance claims can be paid, and the driver who caused the accident (and their insurance company) is responsible, which is common nationally. Drivers must also have varying minimum amounts of liability insurance coverage.


As far as actually settling goes, a significant majority of car accident suits end in settlements rather than in a verdict involving a jury, since litigation in court can be more expensive than the actual calculation of damages incurred during the accident. The factors that are typically under consideration by drivers and their lawyers during the settlement process are: insurance coverage amounts, repairs needed, medical bills  for the past and future since the incident occurred if injuries are incurred, pain and suffering to parties involved and their loved ones, and whether or not any wages have been lost due to missing work. The statute of limitations in filing a car accident lawsuit in Colorado is years from the date of the accident.


If you live in Colorado, many personal injury attorneys in Denver can help you with your settlement process. For example, Zaner Harden Law, which can provide a prominent Denver car accident lawyer or attorneys at Zaner Harden Boulder, can give a claim review from experienced professionals who can help you weather your accident settlement process.